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Tributyrin powder(45%,60%,65%,70%)
Tributyrin oil 97%&98%&99% (GC)
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Tributyrin - a new technique for nutrition regulation
Tributyrin oil 99% 2021-07-26
Tributyrin - a new technique for nutrition regulation 2020-06-19
Butyric acid can improve mitochondrial function, alleviate oxidative stress and ameliorate fatty liver 2020-06-15
The chemopreventive activity of the histone deacetylase inhibitor tributyrin in colon carcinogenesis involves the induction of apoptosis and reduction of DNA damage 2020-06-15
GABA relieves stress reaction and improves feed intake 2020-06-15
A satisfying answer on how to choose essential oil products? 2020-06-15
Dietary tributyrin intervention ameliorates the development of internal organs in IUGR piglets 2020-06-15

Horwath Biotechnology focuses on researching, developing and commercializing green feed additives for pigs, poultry, ruminants and aquaculture, we provide safe, high-efficiency and eco-friendly animal nutrition solutions to our customers. Tributyrin is the upgrading product of sodium butyrate and coated sodium butyrate, the amount of butyric acid released by tributyrin’s function in intestine is several times higher than from sodium butyrate and coated sodium butyrate. Horwath Biotechnology has become one of the most competitive suppliers of Tributyrin related products and professional services in Asia since 2002.

Horwath Biotechnology has successfully developed and maintained businesses with scores of countries in East Europe, Latin America, and Asia etc. with FAMI-QS, FDA, ISO9001 and ISO22000 certifications convoyed alongside, we provide customized product porfolio and packages in order to meet diverse demands of different customers. Horwath Biotechnology owns an advanced 'Animal Gut Health Research Center' that is fully invested by itself, and a technical team with a strong R&D and industrial transformation ability that has obtained 10 invention patent authorizations by now.

Main products: Tributyrin(Glycerol tributyrate), Monolaurin, γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), Cinnamaldehyde, Thymol, Acacia catechu.


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